Is your team a ‘Superteam’? Book review

SuperteamsSuperteams by Khoi Tu

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Super stories, super insights and super learnings from Khoi Tu. An easy read though quite thought provoking for anyone in a team, building a team, running a team or trying to fix a team. Find out why the SAS, the British Red Cross, team Ferrari F1, the Rolling Stones and Pixar are ‘superteams’.

My 7 top takeaways for building superteams:

  1. You need a set of shared objectives (clear common purpose); this is the most potent force in attracting the right talent and in getting them to want to do great work, together.
  2. Great teams are led by great adaptive leaders (there is no single style preference here) but  you have to lead by example and ultimately foster a team of leaders
  3. The best teams start by bringing in the best individuals for every role; however, choose people that know they aren’t perfect, but pursue excellence always and want to get better by surrounding themselves with excellence
  4. You have to get the small things/routines right to create the best environment for success (agendas, team size, engagement rules, clear roles, etc)
  5. Individuals have to respect each others’ skills and contributions and have to build trust in each other in order to thrive under pressure
  6. Avoid comfortable harmony and ‘groupthink’; foster and harness conflict and abrasion to ensure sparks of creativity thrive
  7. You have to continuously improve; reflect, review, feedback and change (“this is how we do things here” – is a killer); always seek ideas for improvement from your team using both success and failure as lessons for learning.

I highly recommend this book.

Here’s a link to Khoi Tu’s TED Talk –

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