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“Mitesh is a motivating speaker who would make a positive and impactful contribution to most corporate or business conferences. Mitesh’s talk provoked us to think in a different way as to the way we implement change, and crucially maintain employee motivation and engagement at the same time. He will surely add value when given the opportunity to present to other business leadership teams or wider organisations.” Andrew Prosser, CFO UK & Ireland, Sanofi


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“Mitesh is an engaging, thought provoking and open facilitator. He fostered an open environment for us, used interesting techniques we’ve not seen before and connected our different perspectives really well. He managed the time so that we came away with real outcomes and a feeling that we had achieved what we set out to do. We would definitely work with him again.” Senior Management Team, Business Change, M&G Investments



“Mitesh is an exceptionally creative individual and a great communicator. He is one of the finest communicators I have met in our industry or elsewhere. His ability to look at things from a fresh point of view and challenge the status quo constructively is very valuable. I have valued his work, his counsel and his vision highly over the many years I have known him.” November 28, 2012

David Jacob, Chief Investment Officer, Managing Director, Henderson Investment Management, Henderson Global investors

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Mitesh over the last year on a number projects. Mitesh was instrumental in delivering a major behavioural and cultural change programme during 2012. We set out to create within the firm a single team culture, understanding and delivering to our client’s needs, and Mitesh delivered this programme to all employees in the business. He has worked closely with me in distribution on product development and with me and the executive committee on planning our long term strategy. He is a multi-skilled individual capable of working at the highest levels in an organisation and can add significant value in planning and delivery on strategic projects.” December 21, 2012

Phil Wagstaff, Global Head of Distribution, Henderson Global Investors

“I had the pleasure of working with Mitesh for 6 years at Henderson. Throughout that time he always displayed an entrepenurial and strategic spirit. He is very much a forward looking thinker, never afraid to challenge the status quo…but always does so in a very rounded and inclusive fashion. Given his work experience, including working in both a consultant and an investment manager, he is perfectly suited for his new independent venture. He will add value to many.” December 12, 2012

Jim Irvine, Head of Fixed Income, Henderson Global Investors

“I have worked with Mitesh for a number of years at Henderson and I have always been impressed by his calmly assured manner in all situations, whether that has been developing and delivering a new vision for Fixed Income, restructuring Investment Services or just presenting to new trainees. Mitesh has a keen understanding of the pension and asset management industry which he is able to articulate across any level of understanding, from the lay trustee to the sophisticated management of a pension buyout company.” December 21, 2012

Alistair Sayer, Investment Director – Global Equities, Henderson Global Investors

“Mitesh is one of the brightest and most people-engaging investment professionals I have met in 20+ years of building teams high potential institutional investment professionals, especially through recruiting investment actuaries and CFAs. He is deeply insightful in terms of product development, team-building and technical development. He is also caring and is highly regarded by friends, strangers and colleagues alike. He commands the respect of others through his innate desire to always give of his best. Along with a small number of contemporaries, he will be able to go as far as he wishes in the world of institutional investment. It is a privilege to know him and count him as a friend. July 21, 2009

Stuart Glass, Managing Director, Stuart Glass Consulting Limited

“Mitesh is a visionary leader, storyteller, strategist & an inspiring agent of change. He is passionate about helping individuals and organisations reach their fullest potential – and will work relentlessly at all levels of any organisation to drive engagement, belief & commitment. He has a gift for taking complicated realities & ideas and making them simple to understand – translating abstract ideas into grounded strategies.

During my time at Henderson, I had the privilege of working with Mitesh in multiple roles. In his role as the Head of the Fixed Income, I found him to be one of the most inspiring and people focused leaders in the entire organisation. He would spend considerable time talking to each of his key fund managers and their teams about the challenges they were facing, their ideas for the wider strategy & empowering them to take meaningful action to make things happen in their own world. When introducing a new leadership programme, Mitesh was the first to put up his hand to attend the pilot – believing that if he was to send any of his staff on the programme, he should experience it himself, & provide feedback to shape it most powerfully for his business.

As the Global Director of Business Innovation, Mitesh was able to showcase his best talents – envisioning the future, challenging the status quo, mobilizing people and driving new ideas within the firm. He worked tirelessly with the executive committee and board on possible scenarios for the future – showcasing trends, asking difficult questions and having the courage to make the case for true transformative change within the firm.

Together, we designed and rolled out a new organisational structure for innovation called ‘Communities 2.0’ – a way of getting employees across all locations (1) working together and (2) generating disruptive ideas for how the company could best achieve its strategic ambitions. The success of the communities was in large due to his ability to inspire people to dream bigger, take risks, challenge the status quo, connect the dots, and collaborate. His ability to synthesize different inputs and create a common output, which people feel aligned and connected to is his true talent.

As a strategy maker, Mitesh worked with the executive team and business management on trend analysis, product development & distribution mapping. He is captivated by the future – understanding the stories of today and imaging possibilities for tomorrow. As a strategy communicator, he played a key role in designing & facilitating the senior management conferences, aswell as translating the strategy to staff in sessions throughout the entire firm. To do this, he played a true partnership role with the business management teams on customizing the workshops for their unique business realities. The result was highly evaluated sessions; often receiving 5/5 for their relevance, impact and engagement.

Outside of Henderson, I have also had the privilege of speaking with Mitesh at conferences around the world. Most recently at the International Leadership Conference and HR Directors Summit – mainly focusing on how to best cultivate innovation within traditional companies and sectors i.e. asset management. As a speaker he has powerful stage presence, a calm style and can easily build rapport with the audience. Personally, he has always played a great coaching role for me – challenging me on what I can do and believe is possible, and supporting me on making my dreams a reality.

I would recommend Mitesh highly as a talented professional, a visionary leader, a courageous change agent and engaging storyteller. He is one of a kind, and a rare find in the financial services sector. For organisations who wish to transform, to seek new possibilities, to drive growth and engage staff in the journey, Mitesh is the person for you. He is a pioneer, a creator and inquisitive explorer of the world around him. I know one day I will see him deliver a TED talk about the impact he has had in the world – and I am looking forward to buying my ticket!”

Mazzy Cameron, L&D Consultant eBAY (previously Head of Learning & Development, Henderson Global Investors)

“I worked with Mitesh on a number of projects. He demonstrated a real passion and enthusiasm for changing culture, clearly communicating strategy and helped me personally think ‘outside the box’.”

Mav Wynn, Head of Investor Relations, Henderson Group plc


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