Ice Bucket Challenge – give time not money

I received my nomination for the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ last night with mixed emotions.

There is much to like and admire about the incredible social media revolution we are seeing unfold (this is a game-changer for charitable fundraising); but also there is much to be concerned about (water wastage, impact on other worthy charities, misallocation of limited charitable funds, overwhelming the ALS association with too many funds too quickly, peer pressure, celebrity worship, self-promotion, etc).

I’ve thought hard about what to do, whether and how to respond; so here goes:

First, I would like to congratulate to all those that have donated money to ALS, MND or other charities in recent weeks as part of the ice bucket challenge. Prior to this I had no idea what ALS was, nor how devastating and ultimately fatal it can be for sufferers, their families and future generations.

I accept the challenge and I commit to doing the following:

1. I won’t waste any more water unnecessarily, though I promise to have an ice cold shower in the morning.

2. I will donate some money to a worthy ALS charity (that helps those suffering with ALS today), as well as to WaterAid (the government are doubling all donations made at the moment).

3. More importantly, I commit to giving one day of my time to a local charity for each nomination I receive.

I strongly believe that:

“People-in-need don’t just need our money; they are hungry for time, our energy, our skills, our attention and our love.” – Pandurang Athavale.

I nominate all those who have already taken part (and those who are going to take part) in this challenge to not waste more water, nor to feel too satisfied with their donations, but to be generous and to give ‘one day of your time’, to offer skills and share some love with those in need.


2 thoughts on “Ice Bucket Challenge – give time not money”

  1. Mitesh,

    I’m happy that you’ve put some concerted thought and accepted the challenge whilst remaining true to yourself.

    It’s often too easy getting caught up with the social hype, and while there is no question that its all a bit of fun whilst raising awareness and money for a good cause, it would be nice to see more people invest their time in getting involved in such causes.

    When you do decide to go to serve, I’d like to come too!

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