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GuestPost: Approaching The Tee Box Of My Future

The anxious feeling of ‘not knowing what to expect’ sets in when you approach a golf course that you have never played before. You find yourself in an unfamiliar environment and do not know what the course holds in store for you.

During the first two weeks of December, I had the opportunity to job shadow my cousin, Mitesh Sheth, at Redington Ltd. The morning I started, I had the same anxious feeling as previously described, with that comparison in mind, I find it best to relate my two week experience at Redington – to the game of golf, something I am passionate about.

The most important golfing tip I have been told to remember is to always judge the distance you want the ball to travel; then you can correctly pick the required club. The people at Redington work together like all the clubs in a golf bag – each individual tasked with a different purpose to reach the same goal. Redington has a working culture that promotes creative and effective thinking – especially when there are chocolates on the kitchen table to keep the drive going.

My work experience at Redington has taught me four main lessons that will help me in my future endeavors; each one relating to a specific golf swing.

The first and most important is the drive shot, it propels the ball to gain as much distance as possible. It is the first step towards achieving your goal and requires a certain amount of courage and risk taking. I could see this within the Redington environment as everyone is prepared to go beyond what is expected of them in order to maintain proficiency.

The next, is the fairway shot. Even when the going is good, you need to push yourself one step further with every opportunity you are given. Redington has shown me that networking is incredibly important and you should use it to your advantage. One of the main aspects I learned was that creativity is the key to making you unique and gives you the competitive edge needed in the corporate environment.

The chip shot is the second last step to reaching the hole; it’s a small but effective stroke action that leaves a lasting impression. This shot is one of the hardest shots to perfect; even a professional is always looking to improve their technique. Redington showed me that no matter how much you know about one topic, there is so much more out there that you need to expose yourself to.

Last but not least, is the putt. One of the important but most meticulous stroke of them all. The putt is often hard to master when you attempt to find a balance between the pace, angle and technique. This reminds me of the importance in maintaining a balance, between work, social time and time for yourself. It is imperative to enjoy what you do, which incorporates purpose, autonomy and mastery of your skills.

I am looking forward to starting the next stage of my life. My time at Redington has supported my decision to study Actuarial Science next year. I can’t wait to step onto the golf course of life and drive the ball further than before.

Thank you,

Sanam Mehta